Friday, January 14, 2005

Some Favorite Recent Hsieh-Beatty Kids Quotes

(names are "in code", since this site is publicly available - kids respond to strangers that know their names, better not give the weirdos that ability)

  • A-Goo!
  • Hah! (laughing)
  • A-Gee!
  • Ya!
  • Hey!
  • Ooo!


  • Pootee! (accusingly pointing at someone that had recently flatulated)
  • I fell! (for attention)
  • Happy Baby
  • I sad (also for attention)
  • two, free, fo, fi, sic, (skips 7), eight - no kidding, she likes to count! Actually, just two days ago I was counting 7 books illustrated in a book of hers, and just after she said "eight".
  • appufah (applesuace)
  • ruhsuh (slurred version of raisin)
  • cuhfuh (slurred version of Clifford [the big red dog book character])
  • hup! (help)
  • he fell (when a toy or doll falls or is dropped - also for attention)
  • he go (just yesterday, when a toy cow from her little people farm bounced under the coffee table after she dropped it for a "he fell")

1 comment:

jennifer said...

Agh, this phase is so short live!! I already heard different versions of some of these words...but through your notes, I can enjoy the sound of these words over and over again. Thank you for doing this!!